Abacus Smokable Flower


14.0% total cannabinoids smokable flower 1 Pound

Our Abacus 4.0 is one of the most sought-after strains of smokable hemp flower that is available on the market today. This cultivar possesses an inimitable terpene profile compared to all other hemp cultivars currently available on the market. Our Abacus 4.0 has an OG terpene profile, which makes it ideal for smoking. If you are striving for smokable flower production, we suggest you allow additional spacing because Abacus 4.0 is a vertically growing hemp strain. Abacus 4.0 is a Western Slope Hemp Growers, Inc. (WSHGI) strain. Please contact us about purchasing our Abacus 4.0 seeds and/or our Abacus 4.0 smokable flower.


14.0% total cannabinoids smokable flower 1 Pound

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